A new digital platform for knowledge exchange at Rymax Lubricants

Last autumn, a&m impact developed an online platform for Rymax Lubricants, a manufacturer of oils and lubricants based in Zevenaar in the east of the Netherlands. The platform allows the company's distribution partners – who are active all over the world – to download all the product information and promotion materials they need. The platform also enables them to share their knowledge and experiences. In fact, it has become a comprehensive knowledge centre and is linked with the company's brand-new website, where customers can find the right oil for their particular requirements.

Rymax Lubricants worldwide

Rymax Lubricants is a relatively young company that manufactures high-quality mineral and synthetic oils and greases for sectors including the automotive sector, industry, mining and shipping. Developing just the right oil products involves close collaboration with customers and this has always been the cornerstone of the business. Working from its headquarters in Zevenaar, the company ships products to hundreds of customers all over the world, partnering with agents and distributors in many different countries.

An online platform for distributors

Rymax asked a&m impact to update its digital presence and explore the possibility of a client platform. Initially, Rymax decided to wait a while before starting this project. Sanne Kamps, Marketing Manager at Rymax Lubricants explains: 'We had decided to put our plans for an online platform on hold. Then, last September, we hosted an international convention for all of our distributors and sales agents. When we asked them how Rymax could help them to do their work more effectively, it was clear that a centralized and accessible information platform for clients and partners was their first priority.

Straight down to work

Rymax immediately contacted a&m impact for their help. 'We had already discussed the possibility of an online platform with a&m impact, so they were able to get straight down to work. They already knew what we needed. We talked about the look and feel of the new site and within a few weeks we had a robust online platform, and all that was left to do was to add the content. The official launch was last autumn and the platform is already playing a vital role in our communications. The platform also allows our agents to communicate and exchange experiences. Our staff members can also participate in these discussions and answer questions in real time.'

Sharing experiences and tips

The platform resembles Facebook in terms of its structure and functionality. Growing numbers of daily visitors and new discussions show that the platform is really coming into its own among Rymax representatives. Initially, Sanne expected the majority of discussions to be about Rymax products. 'But the platform seems to be becoming more of a community panel and a place where our agents and distributors exchange advice on how to market Rymax products even better. And of course, that's great news for us as a company,' she explains.

The Rymax community

The new platform enables Rymax to see clearly and easily what their distributors are doing online. 'Previously, they had been sharing information about Rymax regularly on Facebook, which was clearly something we supported. But sometimes you don't want internal questions to be posted on a public forum, because you have absolutely no control over that. Now our agents and distributors have a platform where they can ask for information and work more closely together. It enables us to play an active role too. For example, in the near future we're planning to use the platform to provide an inventory list that we will update every day.'

Extensive pre-launch testing

Sanne is delighted with the service provided by a&m impact. 'We chose a&m impact specifically because they are genuine web designers. That's their core business and their approach has really paid off. The development phase was systematic and well-structured, and they had some very innovative ideas. They got down to work quickly and always steered us in the right direction. For example, Tom Dellepoort of a&m impact advised us to run a few tests on our existing functionalities before building our new modules or tools. This allowed us to check whether the new components would actually be useful in practice. For us, all of this showed clearly that they are a team of experienced professionals who know exactly what they're doing.'

Continuous evaluation and optimization

Even now that the new website is online, a&m impact are still involved. 'Together, we're looking out for where we can make improvements. We'll soon be evaluating the platform and we've already planned a redesign for the landing page. At the moment it's crowded with news, so the discussions – which are actually the main focus of the website – can get lost in the background. It's fantastic that we can address this with a&m impact so quickly.

Please visit: www.rymax-lubricants.com

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