a&m impact gives a new twist to recruitment at Velde

Seen an interesting management position? With recruitment agency Velde, you can express your interest immediately using your mobile phone without having to search around for your CV first. This new way of applying for jobs is made possible by a cloud-based CRM system that links candidates to suitable positions even more quickly. It's a major project which is based on an online portal - designed and developed by a&m impact using Agile management.

CRM system showing its age

'Matching great ambitions' is the philosophy behind the recruitment agency Velde, which has been working from its office in 's-Hertogenbosch for more than 25 years to link professionals with senior positions in ambitious companies. The agency had long been using a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to structure the selection process. But when it became clear that this software was not keeping pace with the aspirations of Velde's consultants, it was time to move to a new system: Bullhorn.

Dynamic workflow with Bullhorn

Annegien Boogaert, online marketeer at Velde explains: 'Bullhorn is an advanced CRM system that is fully up to the job of keeping pace with today's increasingly dynamic recruitment and selection market. For example, it contacts clients automatically, finds matches and communicates using a range of online channels. This ensures that the workflow is more efficient for both our consultants and potential candidates. It is important that your whole online presence is completely integrated with this system, so we asked a&m impact to redesign our website and develop an easy-to-access portal that could connect directly to the new recruitment software.'

Direct communication with implementation partner

'This was a major project, especially in terms of the technology involved,' explains Tom Dellepoort, Managing Partner at a&m impact. 'When you are developing interfaces with external systems like Bullhorn, there is always a high degree of uncertainty that can easily trip you up. What made this project even more complex was that the package was new both for the client and for us. To give Velde as much as peace of mind as possible, we worked closely with Kyloe - Velde's implementation partner for Bullhorn - during the development phase.

Rapid insight using Agile management

In cases like this, there is a lot of coordination work involved and you can never be 100% sure that the desired functionality will be up and running on budget and on schedule. Agile is always the best approach. At the start of the project, we evaluated the biggest risks which meant that we were able to respond quickly to changes and new insights that came to light during the project.'

Added convenience

Recruitment consultant Egon Schilders oversaw the implementation of the portal at Velde. 'This project had two clear parts: a&m impact made sure not only that the front end for candidates was operating as smoothly as possible, but also that improvements were made to the back end - the part of the system that we use as recruiters. For instance, all the online data relating to candidates is now available on one page. That makes our job much easier and saves us quite a bit of time.'

Profiles and matches

The candidates, in particular, benefit from the innovations introduced on the new site. 'A lot has changed for the candidates,' explains Annegien. 'Previously, they had to wade through five pages in order to register, but now it's just one page. After that, the profile is stored in our system, enabling candidates to keep track of the whole application process easily and see which positions they have already responded to. And they receive jobalerts with new positions every week, keeping them up to date with all the latest opportunities!'

‘Light’ job applications using your smartphone

Another unique feature is the possibility of applying for positions 'light'. '80% of people use the internet via their smartphones, and that includes our clients,' says Annegien. 'But making applications with our mobile was always tricky - you have to fill in lots of details and you may not always have your CV to hand, so you might well end up missing your chance. We wanted to stay at the cutting edge by making it easier to apply for jobs. a&m impact has developed a really handy application for this: when you see that we have an interesting position available, you can respond immediately just by entering your name, e-mail address and telephone number. Bullhorn detects this and automatically sends a request to add a CV to the application. Then you can upload your CV when you have more time available. But you will be registered in our system as an interested candidate straight away.'

Direct communication

The process of connecting the online portal for the new CRM system went very smoothly due to the excellent team work between all the parties involved. 'a&m impact were a sparring partner for us,' says Annegien. 'We were also working with a separate implementation partner, so it was fantastic that a&m could deal directly with them on the technical aspects. They speak the same language, after all, and it meant that we didn't have to get involved in all the technical details. But whenever there were important decisions to be made, they involved us immediately of course. That gave us a lot of confidence in the process.'

More information can also be found on www.velde.nl

Are you interested in this project or do you have a CRM system that you'd like to link to your website? Please contact Tom Dellepoort on LinkedIn or call +31 (0)314 368 160.

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